Kgori Insights – Quarter ended September 2019

November 21

September Insights


September 2019 marked the beginning of our eighth year of operation, a true milestone for this proudly Botswana business, and a real signifier, for us, of the longevity of some of the relationships we are so proud and humbled to celebrate. It has been a journey of eight years working to make our mark and show the true strength, capability and passion of a young Botswana business that continues to box well above our weight and in fact with the very best even on an international level.

The last eight years have been peppered with memorable achievements and notable learnings since we first opened our doors in 2012, from our transformation from Afena Capital Botswana to Kgori Capital, to the launch of our employee share ownership scheme, leadership changes both at Board and Management, the roll out of our Unit trusts offering, and the growth of our team in numbers and in experience.

Even in their own personal growth journeys, our colleagues have celebrated incredible milestones we have been privileged to be able to share together. Our efforts to become a stronger business and a stronger team would not have been possible without the support and loyalty of so many clients, partners and stakeholders we have had the honour of getting to know and work with over the years. For this, we remain eternally grateful.

Building on this eight year heritage, we continue to strive for true innovation excellence in our future. We invest in constantly being ahead of the proverbial curve, because this industry is one that demands being always on and always innovative. This is the Kgori Capital way of doings things, and we are more than prepared for the challenge. Indeed, we are excited by it.

Some of the ways we have been working to bring this to life include, but are not limited to, greater investments in technology,striving to deliver greater financial inclusion beyond the rhetoric, and launching our Enhanced Cash Money Market Fund and Balanced Fund as well as the Kgori Secure Services Unit Trust Dashboard and online dashboard. Last but not least, with a leading compliance practice in market, we will continue to share the conversation on how we work to maintain and grow our compliance culture, encouraging this as best practice for all around us.

As always, I hope you have your tea or coffee in hand, get comfortable, and enjoy this read. Please shareyour thoughts and feedback with the team – we always value being able to discuss, learn and grow from such opportunities.

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Kennedy Melamu


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