Kgori Capital is a Botswana-focused investment manager, providing client-driven local and international investment solutions for pension funds, corporates, charities, and private clients. Kgori Capital is wholly owned and controlled by management and staff and operates as an independent firm.

Established on 2012, the firm has grown into a business managing significant assets on behalf of third party clients, proudly serving a growing, sophisticated client base in Botswana.

Kgori Capital is known to be a manager that is conscious of its role in Botswana, playing a meaningful role in transforming the investment management industries into an environment that allows us to produce excellent investment outcomes for our clients.


Founded by our current
executive team


Institutional and
personal investors


Total local shareholding of
management and staff

Management Team

The Kgori Capital Management team have over 45 years of combined experience in managing retirement funds in Botswana, which gives the company a unique and insightful understanding of client needs and objectives.


Our investment proposition for Botswana retirement funds is premised on balancing the constraints of the local capital markets and meeting the real long term needs of the fund members we manage. As a proudly Botswana-rooted investment management firm, we aspire to be global leaders in our areas of expertise. Our core values define and reflect who we are and what we stand for. These core values are Integrity, Client Centricity, Reliability, Professionalism and Corporate Citizenship.

At Kgori Capital, we seek to create a profitable partnership between clients, shareholders and employees, as well as exceeding expectations in both client service and investment performance.

“Our investment philosophy and process are what sets us apart and will stand the test of time”

Our people


Kgori Capital is wholly owned and controlled by management and staff and operates as an
independent firm, solely focused on the management of third party assets.


The total local shareholding of management and staff is 100%. Our ownership philosophy is that the majority of the shareholding in Kgori Capital is held by the people who work in the firm and generate value for clients.

The local shareholding of our firm is rooted in an unwavering commitment to always be a true reflection of our society in the composition of our leadership and our team.