Kgori Insights – Quarter ended March 2019

May 16

Botswana’s leading citizen owned and run Asset Management firm

Presenting our 2019 Q1 Kgori Capital Insights

Kgori Insights

Kgori Capital continues to make notable strides in driving unique insights and analysis on the market as well as further position our business as a leader in the Asset Management and the investment industry. I, for one, am proud to serve and be a part of these continuing efforts and o fthe legacy that we continue to build.

As we look forward to a busy and productive 2019 and beyond, I am excited to give an update on the latest developments at and for the Kgori Capital team. Key highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • Redefining our Kgori PRIDE values and more firmly entrenching our brand narrative;
  • Stakeholder engagements with the Kgori Press Club and client engagement with Mr. John Field;
  • Award of several new client mandates to further grow our business;
  • Driving innovation further with our online Unit Trust Dashboard;
  • Speaking engagements with Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Investment Symposium 2019, Botswana Infrastructure & Asset Owners & Managers Forum, Stanford- Go-to-Market, Investment Symposium on Doing Business in Botswana, and a number of impactful radio discussions;
  • Our Second Unit Trust (The Kgori Balanced Fund) launched; and
  • Furthering our pursuit of Governance and Compliance Excellence.

Kgori Capital is proud to be a contributor to the development of our Nation’s growth and the growth of her people. Botswana remains our destiny as we continue to serve our clients, partners and stakeholders. With this firm compass in hand, we sail forward, grateful as always for the many incredible people on board this literal and proverbial journey.

I hope you enjoy the latest edition of our Kgori Capital Insights, and we welcome any and all feedback you may have and any opportunity to engage further.

Thank you

Kennedy Melamu

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