Kgori Capital Continues to Soar

August 23

As Botswana’s leading citizen owned and run Asset Management firm,Kgori Capital understands firsthand what it takes to keep a purposeful company on the right track. Formerly known as Afena Capital Botswana,Kgori Capital, was established in September 2012 as a Botswana focused investment manager, providing client driven investment solutions to pension funds, corporates, charities, and private clients.

“We were awarded our first client mandate in early 2013 but in July 2016,Kgori Capital Management and the Kgori Capital Staff Trust acquired anadditional 51% shareholding in Kgori Capital from Afena Capital, making Kgori Capital one of the very few citizen wholly controlled asset management firms in Botswana,” said Alphonse Ndzinge, Founding Partner and now Managing Director of Kgori Capital,in an exclusive interview with Noble Magazine recently.

During the interview, he discussed the progression of his company and the key factors responsible for the company’s remarkable success. Ndzinge revealed that within the first 5 years of operations,the Kgori Capital story had blossomed and become a significant player in the Asset Management industry mainly dominated by foreign firms. As at the end of 2017, Kgori Capital managed in excess of P5 billion portfolios.

Having been appointed to the Managing Director (MD) role on 28 January2018, Ndzinge highlighted that the ability to appoint an MD from within their team demonstrates the depth of skill that they have at Kgori Capital.“One will note that in other similar organisations, it can take many months for a substantive appointment to be made but our organization has a good succession plan in place.”said Ndzinge.

He went on to say that, undoubtedly,his appointment came at a challenging time for the business, but he was excited about the opportunities ahead.Furthermore, he is very enthusiastic about the future of the business as they embark on their next chapter with renewed purpose and vigour. “We are extremely proud of the team at Kgori Capital and the responsibility bestowed upon us as we remain passionate about the growth of Batswana. We believe that our strength lies in our team and skills we possess. Our team comprises10 skilled and experienced members with more than 75 years of combined experience all of whom are Batswana,and in fact predominantly women,”said Ndzinge.

Currently, the firm has three (3)Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Charter holders on their investment team. This is almost 15% of the total number in Botswana! This makes the team one of the most qualified,committed and experienced in the sector.

“We want to bring in retail products that can offer investment and asset management solutions to the public.”

As part of the ongoing stategy to become a significant participant in the Botswana investment management industry, the company recently finalised its Unit Trust product roll-out. These retail solutions are part of Kgori Capital’s efforts to adjust to their client’s demands for fully serviced solutions.

The introduction of these products-means that Kgori Capital will now open its doors to the public. Ndzinge went on to share that his firm was granted Collective Investment Undertaking license by Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) and they can now offer individual investors, unit trusts and have the ability to tailor make more products for the public.

At Kgori Capital, a client focused culture is at the heart of their business model. This was echoed by Ndzinge as he revealed that their primary goal is the satisfaction of their clients’ needs,and for them, this means mutual trust,respect, personal care, outstanding client service, value added services and the best possible investment performance.

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