Growing Our Foundation Towards Excellence

November 20

At Kgori Capital, we believe we have a firm foundation of passion, skill and experience in the Asset Management industry. Our team comprises some of the very best in the sector, and we have had the privilege and honour to invest on behalf of some of the most incredible clients, many of whom we still work with today. It is a foundation that was built upon – from the very establishment of this business eight years ago – a passion for Botswana’s growth, and the development of her economy and her people. Today, that passion has not waned.

After eight strong years in the industry, and over 90 years of cumulative team experience, we are invested now in growing our foundation towards excellence. Excellence for our people, our clients, our stakeholders, our community and our Nation. This we do with great PRIDE, for we invest with PRIDE on behalf of our clients. In the grander scheme of things, we are committed to working, as a private sector institution aligned to Government’s Vision 2036 and NDP 11, to help realise a truly sustainable, prosperous Botswana.

We know and believe in our heart of hearts that the vision of a truly prosperous Botswana is very much within reach. As HE, Dr. Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi, President of the Republic of Botswana, mentioned in his Inauguration remarks on the 1st of November, “As we look into the future with the optimism only a Motswana can muster, we must hold firmly to our resolve to transform our economy.” This transformation can and will happen, as we commit ourselves to playing our role in that reality.

Why? Because we believe we truly and wholeheartedly have what it takes to make a difference in and for our country. We know this to be true because:

We are 100% Botswana citizen-owned and run,and proudly so.

Kgori Capital is a home-grown Asset Management company that has always strived to make an enduring difference. We set out to do better for our country, and this determination only grows stronger.It is our conviction that passion for growth and excellence, and our desire to invest with PRIDE for Batswana provides us a distinct advantage over others.

We are grounded by strong Values:

We are patriots and thus take the responsibility that has been bestowed upon us by so many entities extremely seriously. Our brand promise has always been to “Invest with PRIDE.” Our Kgori icon remains grounded, symbolising a stable, trustworthy and reliable company. Like the Kori Bustard in our icon, we are always on the move, always learning and always growing. We continue to build on the foundation started with our establishment, with a future forward ambition for true excellence. We are agile, with a keen sense of perception and an instinct for survival.

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