About Brandon Hartney

Compliance Manager and Board Secretary

Mr Hartney was vetted and approved by the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority in September 2018.

As the Compliance Manager, Brandon is responsible for monitoring adherence to the company’s Governance, Risk and Compliance framework as well as reinforcing a culture of integrity, reliability, professionalism and ethical behaviour which are some of the core values and philosophies that are fundamental to Kgori Capital.

Brandon has over nineteen years’ experience in the financial sector, having worked at Fleming Asset Management as the Senior Compliance Officer and at ABN AMRO Bank as the Chief Operating Officer. He has a single major honours in Economics, a master of science (MSc) in Business Strategy and a post graduate qualification in Compliance from the University of Cape Town.


Our Approach

At Kgori Capital, we seek to optimise performance over the medium to long term without exposing our clients to unnecessary risk.


Our People

Our pursuit of excellence is not only evident in our approach to investments but also in the quality of the people who manage and work for Kgori Capital.

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Our Responsibility

Investment is more than business to us. It brings with it a responsibility to protect the environment, uplift communities and maintain the integrity of decision-making structures, which we embrace wholeheartedly.

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